Taylor Lyall : Humble Walk: Lessons from a Simple Man Following Jesus

Humble Walk: Lessons from a Simple Man Following Jesus

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170 pages





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March 25, 2017



About the Book    About the Author

Have you made following Jesus too complicated? Following Jesus is SIMPLE, but it will cost you everything. It's why you were created. It's the greatest thing you will ever do. From New Jersey to South Africa. From parenting to selling pet insurance. One of the ways Taylor Lyall learned about God's love was when he was changing the diaper of a baby that was found in a storm drain. God continued to teach him about His faithfulness by waiting until his wedding day to have his first kiss. Follow Taylor on a journey of trusting God and following after Jesus. He shares things he's gone through, and lessons he's learned along the way. "Humble Walk" comes from Micah 6:8, where we are told to seek justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. Justice and mercy are vital, but true life is found by walking humbly with Jesus. We walk humbly, knowing we are nothing by ourselves, but walk confidently knowing we are the prized possessions of the Creator of the universe. It's all pretty simple.

Editorial Reviews

From Amazon

"Started this book at the beginning of a long flight, and devoured the whole thing before the plane touched down at my destination because I couldn't put it down.Taylor Lyall writes with simple clarity and balances his sense of humor with an even deeper level of honesty that makes this book a fun read and a boost for the soul. I would definitely recommend this book."

Jon F.

"Humble Walk is a simple, honest book that chronicles one man's journey in following Christ. Taylor writes about the struggles and triumphs of following Micah 6:8 "...and what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." As Taylor shares how God has worked and is working in his life, you can sense his passion and excitement for others to know Christ in a deeper way. Humble Walk is an encouraging book that focuses the reader on the simplicity of life with Christ."

Amanda C.

From Goodreads:

"My old neighbor and friend I seem to run into a lot around Chicago, Taylor Lyall, wrote a book!Like it’s namesake, the book is simple. It’s 150+ pages of wisdom and experience of this man’s journey with God; however, just like anything with God, it’s also profound.I had so many moments with God whilst reading this book. Sitting on the Blue Line, standing in my kitchen, laying on my couch, and walking around my living room, all were moments where I encountered God. He totally used this book to encourage, affirm, and inspire me. Read it."

Tawny B.

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