Suzanne Jenkins : Pam of Babylon

Pam of Babylon

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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Women's Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Anita Shreve, Paula Hawkins, Barbara Delinsky

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A beautiful life at the beach is marred when Jack has a heart attack on the train from Manhattan. His wife and two lovers discover secrets and lies, and each other. The first in the series of ten books and several short stories in a soap opera which follows Pam through each discovery.

#2 Don't You Forget About Me

#3 Dream Lover #4 Prayers for the Dying

#5 Family Dynamics

#6 The Tao of Pam

#7 In Memoriam

#8 Soulmates

#9 Save the Date

#10 I'll Always Love You

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Editorial Reviews

"An intriguing first novel that revolves around a husband’s death and hidden secrets.
Pam Smith lives an apparently charmed life as a well-to-do Babylon,
N.Y., homemaker in a large house by the water. In her 50s with her
children grown, Pam is happy with her exemplary husband Jack. After he
has a heart attack on the subway, however, the protagonist finds out
more than she ever wanted to know about Jack...

Themes of sisterhood and abuse run through the book, and the three women shift between rivalry and friendship before becoming empowered by
Jack’s demise.
Women’s fiction with a touch of noir." Kirkus

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