Suzanne Jenkins : Burn District: The Short Story Prequel

Burn District: The Short Story Prequel

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What if someone of power and wealth chooses to abuse it by manipulating the system in their favor? What would become of our world if a corrupt government collapses and terrorists take over? What would you do? Run!

Laura and Mike Davis, their children and friends flee to her father’s isolated ranch on the Mexican border in the Arizona desert to start a new life, when towns on the eastern seaboard are being bombed without any warning. A neighbor in the know tells the Davis family to flee their home just minutes before it’s burned.

“The Burn District series provokes thought and fear. One question I have asked is how would I react in this kind of situation? It's hard to tell, but the people in this story are truly put to the test.”

This is the prequel to the series, Burn District.

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