Sundi Jo Graham : Liar Liar: Is Your Life Based on the Lies You Believe?

Liar Liar: Is Your Life Based on the Lies You Believe?

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Sundi Jo Graham

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October 4, 2012



About the Book    About the Author

What do you believe about yourself?

Do the words ugly, fat, stupid, and unlovable sound familiar to you?

We let the world tell us who we are. We let family and friends speak lies over us that we start to believe. We let expectations of ourselves and others fill our minds so much that we believe the end will result in failure regardless of what we do.

"Liar Liar" is a manifesto about not only believing the truth about who you truly are, but also speaking that truth into reality. It’s a call to take the next step in your faith and take action with your words.

It will challenge you, change your heart, and lead you in the right direction to believe the truth about your true identity.

Are you ready to get started? To stop believing the lies about who you are? Ready to take an act of faith and courage?

Start your journey today with Liar Liar. It’s time to believe truth, speak truth, and live truth. Remember: You are what you think.

Editorial Reviews

Liar, Liar was very encouraging and uplifting to read. This would be good for those who have self esteem issues and need a new outlook. I would highly recommend it. - Vickie Spry

30,000 Word thoughts a day WOW is all I can say. I felt like Sundi Jo lived part of my life. After reading this book, I am more determined than ever to erase those old negative thoughts about myself that came from sick human fraility and adopt the words that describe me through God's eyes. A quick read that contains SO much. I know I will be re-reading it AND writing down all the verses that describe who I am in Christ! Thank you Sundi Jo for sharing at such a deep level. - Nancy

Was really good, and I could not put it down!!!!!It's a must read, and read again! Would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone. - Pat Salazar

A fantastic book that really challenges what it is about us that makes us carry the negativity around in our lives. - Brent P.

This book is so encouraging. Sundi Jo shares her own personal struggles and the lies she once believed. She encourages the reader to stop believing the lives of the enemy, and instead start believing what God says about who you are. Highly recommend, especially if you need to renew your mind! - Celeste Barnard

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