Sue Perry : Scar Jewelry

Scar Jewelry

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Scar Jewelry, the story of a family with secrets, unfolds in the style of a mystery.

What do we really know about our parents or the ways they shape us? For twins Deirdre and Langston, 20, the answer is: not enough. Their father died before they were born and now, when a car crash puts their mother in a coma, the siblings suddenly realize they don't even know whom to notify. They’ve never questioned how little they know about their mother. Like many offspring, they assume there's not much to know.

It’s been a rough year for narrator Deirdre, who has stalled out after personal setbacks she won't discuss - not even with Langston - and who fears she is just like their mother, a woodwork dweller. Langston never faces such worries. Her twin in name only, his style and talents have launched him across the continent into a top university and flourishing social life - all of which he will compromise as they unravel their mother’s past.

As Deirdre and Langston question friends and acquaintances, snoop, and hack emails, a portrait emerges that barely resembles the mother they know. For starters, they discover that their father died four years *after* their birth. Why manufacture such a lie? Proliferating questions and unsettling answers await them before they finally learn why. As they come to understand choices their mother made that swerved their life paths as well as hers, they must ultimately reconsider their mother, their memories, and themselves.

Set in the present and in the early days of punk, this work of literary fiction has elements of mystery, psychology, family drama, and rites of passage across two generations, in a setting that vividly evokes southern California, then and now.

Editorial Reviews

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A few excerpts from reader reviews:

The story was deep, yet lighthearted; it made me smile and it made me think (and it made me really wish that I had been around for the music - those shows sounded awesome!).

Scar Jewelry is a great read. I was genuinely sorry to reach the last page, the mark of a good story.

Deirdre and Langston especially, were fleshed out to the extent you could easily believe them to be real people.

... just the kind of book I like, fast-paced and realistic, with credible, fully developed characters.

A real page turner to see what each new twist or turn will hold. Makes one wonder how well do we know our parents/loved ones?

It is rare for a novel to stand out as a true original, but this one does. The quest for identity is not a new theme, but the way Perry handles it in this book is different than anything I have read before.

Those who have spent time in Southern California will enjoy the poignant sense of place that comes through as the backdrop (and bedrock) for the main character's journey of discovery.

Loved this book. It certainly was an emotional read. Definitely was a page-turner.

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