Sue Lilley : Snowdrops and Stardust

Snowdrops and Stardust

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Steamy Romance, Paige Toon, Nora Roberts, Freya North, Catherine Alliott

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Flame-haired rock-god Aiden Delaney has it all. But three days before his sell-out headline gig, he takes off alone, disillusioned and on a quest for inspiration. Fame and fortune was never meant to be such a senseless treadmill. Where does he go from here? Then he’s rescued from a snowstorm by beautiful country-girl Marianne who doesn’t even admit she knows who he is. Alone in her cosy cottage, miles from the city, three magical days will surely change their lives. If you love a rock-star romance, you won’t want to miss this captivating short story.

Editorial Reviews

Three days that can only be described as magical. It's incredibly relatable - who hasn't wondered about changing their life drastically, or felt some huge pull toward a different lifestyle when given a taste of it. Aiden can't tell if Marianne recognizes him yet his charm breaks her down and they end up in a relationship. The book handles all of this excellently, and the ending wrapped things up perfectly and couldn't have been better. My official rating is 4 out of 4 stars, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves romance with a twist …

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