Studio Erbo : Defective Comics #1

Defective Comics #1

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From the pages of Adhesive Man comes Defective Comics. It’s been five years since we’ve last seen Adhesive Man. His powers to stick make him a force to be reckoned with. Since cleaning up the streets from his nemesis Tefloman (CEO of Nonsticorp), and rounding up a plethora of incredible villains, Adhesive Man has continued his crusade against crime. Normally a two-man operation with his sidekick, Wimpy Sidekick, Adhesive Man has recently joined up with the Super Hero Elite Investigative Logistics Department, AKA S.H.E.I.L.D.* as a field operative as needed by Admiral Angry.

*not a typo.

Adhesive Man in The Pawful Truth

Admiral Angry and Curiosity the Cat Killer drag Adhesive Man into a hunt for a mysterious, powerful gem. Will they get to it before the cats from the 9th Dimension do? STORY BY ERIC J COCKRELL | CONTRIBUTIONS BY DARREN FITZPATRICK & RYAN HEYWOOD | PENCILS BY ERIC J COCKRELL | INKS BY ERIC F MYERS | COLORS BY ERIC J COCKRELL | LETTERS BY ERIC F MYERS

The Gnat in By’s Wide Shut

When The Gnat’s nemesis, The Flying Albino, takes in some wayward heroes, can The Gnat possibly reverse the effects of Albino Juice? STORY BY DARREN FITZPATRICK | CONTRIBUTIONS BY ERIC J COCKRELL PENCILS BY DARREN FITZPATRICK | INKS BY DARREN FITZPATRICK | COLORS BY JENNI BULLARD | LETTERS BY ERIC J COCKRELL

Hawk Guy in Pretty Fly for a Hawk Guy

Hawk Guy’s interview with the Assemblers doesn’t go exactly as planned, putting him at odds with Adhesive Man and the Super Hero Elite Investigative Logistics Department. STORY BY RYAN HEYWOOD & ERIC J COCKRELL PENCILS, INKS, COLORS, AND LETTERS BY ERIC J COCKRELL WORDFORM SPECIALIST: SUZANNE JOHNSON

Editorial Reviews

“Defective Comics” is an anthology of interconnected stories, each focusing on a different set of characters. Filled with wit, parody, and pop culture references. “Defective Comics” will be a fun read for fans of characters such as Captain Underpants, The Tick, and Freakazoid.


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