Steven Luna : Joe Vampire: Night Falls

Joe Vampire: Night Falls

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Humor, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Christopher Moore, Chuck Palahniuk, Carl Hiassen, A Lee Martinez

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Print Length

41 pages




Crowning Moon Press

Publication Date

March 5 2014



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"Our eyes shifted to the center of the room as the new guy entered. His hair practically preceded him, drifting in above the cubicle walls like a parade float as he walked. It was like a crown and a golden cloud and a small natural monument all at the same time." Joe believes the ridiculous notion of vampires who sparkle and sulk is nothing but a poorly-documented pop literature myth. But the new guy on the night shift and the reaction he inspires in the cubicle-dwelling Fredward fangirls throughout the office strike an unexpected blow to the reality of Dudes Undead everywhere.

Editorial Reviews

"NIGHT FALLS gives us a small glimpse into Joe’s work and personal life, yet again, and we are reminded why he is the everyday Joe..." - The Book Hipster, book blogger

"This was a perfect little appetizer before the main entrée. I can't wait to read the next full-fledged Joe Vampire adventure!" - Kyaro, reader review.

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