Steve N. Lee : Kill Switch: A Vigilante Serial Killer Action Thriller

Kill Switch: A Vigilante Serial Killer Action Thriller

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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Lee Child, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Stieg Larsson, Rusell Blake

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Print Length

160 pages




Blue Zoo

Publication Date

October 6, 2015



About the Book    About the Author

“Nikita meets Dirty Harry” “A female Jack Reacher”

Lurking in the shadows of a medieval city, vicious thugs stalk their next victim. A gift for bloodshed ensures they always get whatever they want.

Across the city, a mother's dying wish is to spend her last days with her daughter visiting their ancestral home. It's a loving way to say goodbye.

When these two worlds collide, Elena Petrescu and her daughter Catalina plummet into a nightmare of greed-fueled brutality.

Luckily, they don’t face this deadly gang alone.

Tess Williams looks like just another tourist doing what tourists do – drinking in bars, visiting tourist hotspots, reveling in European culture… However, Tess has a secret, a secret so dark that most who discover it are sent to their grave long before they're due.

Armed with the deadliest of fighting skills, Tess unleashes her fury upon the city’s shadowy underworld, claiming vengeance for the mother and daughter.

But Tess is only one woman. With time running out and the odds against her, what price is she prepared to pay to put these savage thugs down for good?

Absolutely FREE!

You get Angel of Darkness Black File 01 free with this book (see the Table of Contents for details).

Angel of Darkness Suspense Thriller Series

In an action thriller series packed with vigilante justice, vengeance and suspense, a rogue female assassin hunts deadly criminals to avenge their innocent victims.

Is she a courageous hero, or a psycho serial killer? Only you can decide.

Bottom line?

If you want an action-packed thrill ride that is intelligently written, combines intriguing plots with nail-biting suspense, and features compelling, flawed characters – whose backstories are revealed gradually as the series progresses – READ THIS SERIES!

Please be Aware… Miss Marple she ain’t!

While it is NEVER gory, graphic, or gratuitous, the Angel of Darkness Suspense Thriller Series contains occasional strong language, violence, and scenes of a sexual nature. It is novella-length fiction.

Kill Switch: Amazon #1 Best Seller in various Mystery, Thriller and Suspense categories in the USA and the UK. So what are you waiting for? Click Download Now!

Editorial Reviews

Amazon Reviews

Dee Dee Morong – 5 stars

"Amazing creative, and believable! Impossible not to connect with Tess, in spite of her tactics. Edge of your seat action, yet very heart warming."

rockchick – 5 stars

"loved this book and the storyline, kept me gripped right from the start right until the end, I downloaded the 2nd in the series straight away and pre ordered no 3."

Sheryl Painter – 5 stars

"Simply wow! It was straight forward action, clearly and skillfully written, that make it simply impossible to put down, and by the end I HAVE to get the next book…"

Mr. P – 5 stars

"This was an amazing read. I thoroughly enjoyed every page. Great
characters, great plot and lots of action."

Amazon Customer – 5 stars

"I couldn't breathe. I couldn't stop. I couldn't wait to get to the end.
BUT I didn't want it to end."

GLORIA J. Lanier – 5 stars

"Really enjoyed this book.
I like the action. Kept me wanting to read just a little longer. Really hard to
put down. Looking forward to the next in the series!"

Linn C. – 5 stars

"This book really moves. There is action in every chapter."

Greg Ranger – 5 stars

"The author shows great imagination and tells a story that hooks you from the first page. Highly recommended."

mrs laura j waller – 5 stars

"Thoroughly enjoyed this book read into the early hours of the morning great storyline"

Shali – 5 stars

"Tess is my kind of gal. Kick-ass, doling out justice to all who wrong
the innocent and the weak. But still with heart. I read this in a couple
of hours non-stop and looking forward to the next installment"

Israel Drazin – 5 stars

"After reading half a dozen pages, Steve N. Lee’s action drama grabbed me. There is much suspense and a lot of action."

So what are you waiting for? GRAB IT NOW WHILE IT'S STILL ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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