Steve Kindorf : A Method for Prayer by Matthew Henry-audiobook

A Method for Prayer by Matthew Henry-audiobook

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'Sitting at his feet with your door closed, your affection set on things above, pray to your Father who is in secret'

In this modernized version of “A Method for Prayer,” written by Matthew Henry in 1710, Steve Kindorf gives us an updated and readable spelling of the book, and includes all the cross references from the original. This book offers added devotional prayers and Bible study aids from the publisher/author of this new expanded edition. The book features a collection of devotional prayers to the Godhead of Jesus Christ called ‘My Affection’ (that is, proclamations and praises of his many names, titles and attributes; being with you in worship before his throne as you think on them throughout the day and meditate in the night watches; God has said in Philippians 4:8 & Psalm 63:6.); a poetic setting of Psalm 119; a Glossary containing 2400 words of the King James Bible and a daily Bible reading plan.

As believers, it is utterly important to learn more about God through the Bible…..the inspired Word of God spoken through men. This devotional will help you to read the Bible in a consistent manner. Like many hymns that are hundreds of years old, an inspired writing by the man of God can be useful in bringing us closer to our Heavenly Father. The Bible instructs us to study to show ourselves approved unto God. Unlike human contact, we can’t talk face to face so we talk through prayer and reading His word to us…the Bible. Using the devotional will help you to stay on a focused path and having the glossary will be quite useful as well. Words sometimes lose meaning in translation so checking the words as you go will help you to get a fuller understanding of the context. For example, there are nine different words for love in the Greek language. One means brotherly love, one means old shoe love etc…

If you are looking to expand your knowledge and to grow close with God this book is a must have!

I definitely recommend it and will be starting the devotions myself.

God bless!

by Dolce Joisel

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Reviewed by Julia Schemmer for Readers' Favorite

Prayer is an essential part of every Christian believer's walk with God. But sometimes, a common doubt is how to pray. While there is no formula for prayer, Reverend Matthew Henry employs advice in getting the most of your prayer life in his book A Method for Prayer. Henry, a minister of the Gospel in Chester, goes through every step of lifting up all kinds of prayers, from adoration to petitions and requests. Within the realm of prayer that you wish to do, he provides information about what you must do, such as we must "acknowledge our dependence upon God, and our obligations to Him, as our creator, preserver, and benefactor" (page 16). Reverend Henry also includes resources such as Psalm 119, a dedication about his affection for Jesus Christ, a glossary, and a Bible reading plan to help his readers flourish in their walk with God.

While I admit I love God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength, sometimes the biggest obstacle I face in my spiritual journey is remembering to pray, and how to pray. A Method for Prayer by Reverend Matthew Henry was a heaven-sent blessing to me, because through this book I found myself wanting to pray more and converse with God. Henry, obviously a man well versed in religion and theology, makes the book easy enough to understand for all audiences. Perhaps my favorite thing about this book was the resources he provided in the back, giving information like a Bible reading plan to help me continue my journey with Christ. Christianity is a journey, and every so often you come across people that help strengthen you on the way. I consider A Method for Prayer to be one of the books that have strengthened, encouraged, and empowered me to live fully in my spiritual walk.

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