Steve DeWinter : FICTION Silicon Valley: Monthly AUG 2016

FICTION Silicon Valley: Monthly AUG 2016

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FICTION Silicon Valley

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One Day Your Strength Will Fail By Anthony Francis

Ever wonder what happened to all the heroes of Greek legend after they returned to familiar shores? "One Day Your Strength Will Fail" explores how a hero of legend rages against the inexorable approach of old age in his own inimitable way.

A Moment in the Rain by Bethany Gray

A rain-drenched night delivers a wild power to a young woman’s doorstep, which turns her world upside-down.

Worldshard by David Colby Three thousand years ago, the universe was destroyed by the magical version of a nuclear war, leaving behind The Sunder - a raw soup of mutagenic chaos which can only be shaped by human imagination. The survivors live on floating islands sustained by belief and protected by Champions: Magitech fusions of human souls and weapons of war.

Dust by Danielle DeVor

Manda spends her days making survival lists, trying to exist in a world gone mad. But when her old beau comes to visit her in the guise of the thing she fears most, the situation changes. When her front door develops an irreparable crack, she is left with a choice—fight or die.

Dallying with Dodecapus by Lita Kurth

This tiny story offers a lesson about not messing with 12-armed individuals.

Selected Poems by Janice T

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