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Steve Bremner is a Canadian missionary to Peru, where he's lived since early 2009. He's involved in making disciples within a missional community in Chorrillos, outside of the nation's capital of Lima. This year, he and his wife Lili are launching a missional community named Oikos: Cedros, named after their neighborhood they are impacting with the Gospel.

Their burden is to ground believers in the truth of God's love and power, and this shows in Steve's writings and reflects upon what he and his wife teach disciples in Peru.

Steve also co-hosts and produces the Fire On Your Head podcast along with other contributors to Fire Press, an online Christian magazine he founded in 2008 and serves as senior editor for. The podcast can be subscribed to in iTunes or you can visit the site directly at

The proceeds from Steve's Kindle book sales, and the tip jar on Noisetrade finance him and his family in a very direct way, helping Steve & Lili to serve the people of Peru without worrying about financial restraints. So if you like any of the books you've read, please be encouraged to buy more of them, and share the links to your favorite titles to your social networks for others to discover them.