Stephen Hesselman : The Curious Canticle of the Christmas Buffalo

The Curious Canticle of the Christmas Buffalo

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Sergio Argones, Bill Watterson, Scottie Young

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Every so often (at least twice now), Stephen creates a strange and wondrous Christmas comic book to give to friends, family, and strangers as a gift to brighten their holiday season. 2015 is one of those years. Behold, The Curious Canticle of the Christmas Buffalo. Inspired by a line in a song by Stephen's friend, John Andrade, this tale has it all, including: the Old West, livestock, rocks, stars, dragons, spaceships, sasquatches, children, adults, Santa Clause, and even a cameo by a certain boardgame character who is loaded with cash (except when he's not). If you have trouble following the story, it can always be colored and cut up into strips for use as bookmarks for your library.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

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