Stephen Hample : TNL Collection (100 e-votionals)

TNL Collection (100 e-votionals)

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Stephen Hample has been writing for the TNL (The Next Level Ministries) for almost 20 years. This collection contains Stephen Hample's articles put in book form. There are a variety of topics all meant for your personal spiritual growth. There is a lot of humor and some seriously deep topics covered. Written in a "spoken" style, as you read you can almost sense you're being spoken to one on one as opposed to reading. These are insightful musings and studies that God has laid on his heart to share with those who received the TNL. Now, for you, you can have them all in one place. Enjoy !!! Grow !!! Be changed !!!

Editorial Reviews

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Hample on various Christian fronts over the past 6 years, including developing / refining men’s ministries, teaching adult Sunday School classes, small groups, and retreats. Over the years I been a student and then a teacher in classes during which Steve’s written material was utilized to explain the Bible’s core lessons as well as the effects those lessons are expected to have on a believer’s life. Without a doubt or reservation, his material is thought-provoking, belief-challenging, inspirational, and encourages believers to step their faith up to the next level. E. Joseph Wade, Jr. BS

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