Stephen Hample : Life is NOT a Game Show

Life is NOT a Game Show

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03 17 17



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This lesson comes after watching a lot of late night BUZZR TV. I am watching classic game shows and thinking whatever happened to these people and their "BIG WINS"? Did the prizes change their lives and for how long? As I thought on that I wonder how many of us think of our Christian walk as a game show? We temporarily enjoy the "prize" or salvation and it soon fades to a memory. Do we know that others are searching for answers to life's questions and WE have them? This lesson was prepared for teaching a Seniors group at my church. I hope you find some enjoyment...some strength...and some conviction in it.

Editorial Reviews

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Hample on various Christian fronts over the past 8 years, including developing / refining men’s ministries, teaching adult Sunday School classes, small groups, and retreats. Over the years I been a student and then a teacher in classes during which Steve’s written material was utilized to explain the Bible’s core lessons as well as the effects those lessons are expected to have on a believer’s life. Without a doubt or reservation, his material is thought-provoking, belief-challenging, inspirational, and encourages believers to step their faith up to the next level. E. Joseph Wade, Jr. BS

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