Stephen Hample : Leadership Training (includes survey)

Leadership Training (includes survey)

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Sometimes people wish leadership would step up...other times leadership wishes people would step up. This book is more than an outline to a leadership seminar given by Stephen Hample. Very often in church "the few do the most". We believe every church has the right number of gifted people to do exactly what God wants that church to do. However...leadership has a responsibility to train and support those who offer to help out. Unfortunately at times its lay people (many times, newly saved) that fill in the big gaps of training our kids as well as other ministries while feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes its the leadership that feel they can't rely on anyone so they do it themselves. (or maybe your a pastor who's been accused of micro-managing, gulp) These scenarios cause burnout. Thats not what God has intended for His Son's Bride. (frustrated brides either flee the wedding or have resentment during the marriage). These frustrations are usually where people start feeling abused and used...and many times simply...burnout and drop out. (then their positions are filled by a raise of a hand or sign up sheet with little to no consistent support or consideration as to who signed up...warm body fits the hole). Its a cycle churches and congregants are familiar with. This Seminar gives a balance to both parties. At the end there is a printable ministry evaluation for both workers and leadership to balance a healthy ministering relationship. The goal is to grow your people...grow your leaders...grow your church. This seminar comes in PowerPoint form upon author request. This outline also works with Building the Church and The Basics books by the same author.

Editorial Reviews

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Hample on various Christian fronts over the past 6 years, including developing / refining men’s ministries, teaching adult Sunday School classes, small groups, and retreats. Over the years I been a student and then a teacher in classes during which Steve’s written material was utilized to explain the Bible’s core lessons as well as the effects those lessons are expected to have on a believer’s life. Without a doubt or reservation, his material is thought-provoking, belief-challenging, inspirational, and encourages believers to step their faith up to the next level. E. Joseph Wade, Jr. BS

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