Stephen Hample : Building The Church from the INSIDE OUT

Building The Church from the INSIDE OUT

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NEWLY REVISED and UPDATED with more material than before. This is an update of Building the Church When You Already Have the Building. The emphasis is more on knowing how to get your congregation to know what A church is and what THE church is. The goal of this revision is to get people IN the church to go OUT of the church and do what they are suppose to do and reach their community.

"How can I get my church to grow?" That's a question I've had pastors ask me over the years. They quickly reword the comment saying "we want the church to etc" But you know in the back of their mind Satan is making them feel inadequate if the church they are at isn't growing numerically. This is especially hard for any pastor who struggles with pride and/or depression. I've spoken with a few pastors who go through cycles. When the church seems to be growing they get prideful, as it slips and decreases they get depressed. What they often fail to see is its not about them. Any pastor can grow a congregation...only GOD can grow the church. With all the fads that come and go people are church hopping and shopping like crazy. They want the next best greatest thing...and when that gets old they move along. It all goes back to a pastor seeking God to build His have the people hunger for what they NEED not simply what they want in a church. This seminar outline goes beyond the fact it goes OUTSIDE the building because that is really where the church belongs...INSIDE OUT. While there is nothing wrong with being fashionable and culturally relevant that cannot be only or mainly what church is all about. No need to apologize for what God has call the shepherd to do. We are spending too much time looking at the guady frame we've put around the portrait of Christ...its become distracting. Its about time we grew THE church to be living Christ-like lives in the world...compelling people to come into church to learn more. It is about time the congregation did its job, let the pastor do his. Let him shepherd the sheep...and let the sheep multiply the herd. That is what this seminar/series is all about. PowerPoint format available upon request.

Editorial Reviews

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Hample on various Christian fronts over the past 6 years, including developing / refining men’s ministries, teaching adult Sunday School classes, small groups, and retreats. Over the years I been a student and then a teacher in classes during which Steve’s written material was utilized to explain the Bible’s core lessons as well as the effects those lessons are expected to have on a believer’s life. Without a doubt or reservation, his material is thought-provoking, belief-challenging, inspirational, and encourages believers to step their faith up to the next level. E. Joseph Wade, Jr. BS

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