Stephen Hample : SINTOLERANCE (updated)


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Growing up in the 60's through 80's I had heard multiple evangelists come to our church and preach on the "end times". I was fascinated as they spoke prophetically of how the world would the church would start to fall away. We were challenged to watch for the signs...prepare for Christ to return. What I didn't know then was that I would be ushered into the end times during my lifetime. I see how the world is falling apart...but being in ministry I see even more so how the church has started to slack off in "watching". I see churches as part of the problem...welcoming in the world...mixing with the world. In theory we have called it OUTREACH while in reality Satan has done his fair share at INREACH. This book is a call for Christians to recognize some of the slippery slopes we are walking on. You've heard it said if you stand for nothing you fall for anything...the church has failed to take a strong stand (oh, they will say they have) and are falling for anything. It hurts to write this book...because it required ME to look at my own life in and outside the church. I pray you do the same.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Hample on various Christian fronts over the past 6 years, including developing / refining men’s ministries, teaching adult Sunday School classes, small groups, and retreats. Over the years I been a student and then a teacher in classes during which Steve’s written material was utilized to explain the Bible’s core lessons as well as the effects those lessons are expected to have on a believer’s life. Without a doubt or reservation, his material is thought-provoking, belief-challenging, inspirational, and encourages believers to step their faith up to the next level. E. Joseph Wade, Jr. BS

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