Stephen Black : I Ate Tiong Bahru

I Ate Tiong Bahru

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A lyrical documentary about one of the oldest neighborhoods in Singapore. Essays and short stories about Peranakan food, Southeast Asian history, traditional coffee shops and more.

Editorial Reviews

Unlike anything else I've read... funny quirks yet balances the political undertone perfectly. The book involves history, humor, culture and most importantly, food (or rather, taste).

-Barrett Books (@Thea_Books)

... skillfully merges anecdotes, historical research and loving explorations of food This is a super little book that's both fascinating and inspiring. Snippets of information, snapshots of daily life - and a tip on where to find the best pineapple tarts...They should give it to newly-arriving expats as they get off the plane.

... reads like a travelogue, a personal story and a history book... a pleasure to read.-

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