S.Tarr : Thoughts Discovered: The Wonder of It All

Thoughts Discovered: The Wonder of It All

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Religion, Science

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Poetry, Adventure, Fantasy, Science fiction, Spiritual

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91 pages





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Oct. 04, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

Thoughts Discovered is a varied collection of the poetic writings of S.Tarr, released in five volumes, on such relevant subjects as love and adventure, wisdom and worldview, and contemplating the wonder of life and the grandeur of things that transcend the now and the present. The Wonder of It All is the fourth volume in the series.


Excerpts from the book:


"Today is a day of change, old things turn into new.

The true and the faithful stand in awe of a future glory.

Let the good be honoured, let the brave be evermore."

Pattern Recognition

"It is the small things that become the big things, it is the big things, again, that become the small."

Chasing Hearts

"Chasing hearts, seeking dreams.

The sea is deeper than the streams.

This life is more than what it seems.

You have the power, you have the means."

Affinity Earth

"The animals, the trees, the very earth.

I love all these with great mirth.

A natural affinity given to me at birth.

This world, and all, I consider as great worth."

The Secret of the Wood

"In the fire, in the flame, the secret of the wood, of the tree, is revealed in light and in a blaze of life-changing glory."


"Time is sublime, both in duty and in kind.

For it is known and unknown, misunderstood and defined.

It is wanted and denied, forgotten and remembered.

It is captured and again lost, taken for granted and most treasured.

Time is our guide and our companion.

Conceived by the Greatest Champion."

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