S.Tarr : Thoughts Discovered: Greater Things

Thoughts Discovered: Greater Things

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Religion, Science

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112 pages





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Mar. 31, 2015



About the Book    About the Author

Thoughts Discovered is a varied collection of the poetic writings of S.Tarr, released in five volumes, on such relevant subjects as love and adventure, wisdom and worldview, and contemplating the wonder of life and the grandeur of things that transcend the now and the present. Greater Things is the fifth volume in the series.


Excerpts from the book:

A New Hope

"Thank you, God, for healing and relief.

For time away from suffering and grief.

A mind refreshed, a body healed.

A new day dawning, a new hope revealed."

You Are Here

"You are still alive, you are still here.

There is much more to see, look for it as it appears.

So fret not dear one, nor live in daily fear.

Your destiny is far greater than, the sum of all your tears.

You are meant for far more, you are meant to be here."

Wandering Stars

"All roads lead us to roam, our journey through life, told in sacred poem, wandering stars, we each are to be found, until the end we reach, from our earthly round."

Look, Ask, Believe

"Look and you will see.

Ask and you will receive.

Believe and you will be free."


"Dreams are for us a gateway, to another time and place, it conjures up desires, it reflects to us our fate, and when our dreams start waking, our lives will become great."

Forest for the Trees

"I want a forest for the trees, a place where they can be, and live together as family, a place where I can go to, and leave for you, as my last will and legacy."


"The longer that you live, the braver you must be, the braver you become, the more you will be free."

Hold Sacred

"What I hold sacred and dear as hallowed gift it did appear, in human hands I hold but brief this life of love, and some of grief, held in awe and deeply venerated my soul no more is separated."

End at Last

"We start at the beginning, with a living being.

Dead men walking, it's all or nothing.

The future ever revealing, the end at last appearing.

Eternity starts when seeing, that you were made for living.

That you were made for loving, the end at last beginning."

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