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Mr. Del Lawrence is a motivational life coach who uses the bedrocks of "Faith, Hope, & Love", to administer a message that gives simplistic, systematic steps on how to make it through life's toughest and most toxic relationships. Using personal experience and revelation from the Bible, Del unpacks a wealth of knowledge to his readers to invoke thought, and produce change. After experiencing a life time of toxic soul ties — beginning with a childhood marked by

physical abuse, an early adulthood plagued by mental and emotional abuse, and manhood entangled with painful intimate relationships — he has chosen to use his experience to help his generation. His redemption — facilitated by an intimate relationship with Christ, a willingness to forgive, and the faith to become the victor instead of the victim — is something that he believes all people can achieve. He has published two books including, “Soul Ties: How to Detox from Toxic Relationships” and “Soul Ties II: Love Lust & Lies.”