Sonja Marie Hawk : Lilac Lullaby: The Tragedy (EXCERPT)

Lilac Lullaby: The Tragedy (EXCERPT)

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When she finds herself trapped in a useless body, Addison is forced to reexamine her sordid past.

"Life has a way of stealing childhood if the stork doesn’t drop you into the right family."

Having lost her mother at birth, Addison is shuffled from foster home to foster home, enduring whatever awaits her. Learning young that she can only rely on herself, she navigates abuse, neglect, and fear until she can no longer silently submit to a life without love. Determined to take control of herself, she finds an escape in the underground world of outcasts, where she makes her own rules... and mistakes.

Haunted by the dreams of the mother she never had a chance to know, can Addison come to terms with the mistakes of her past? Will the deep emotional and physical scars ever heal? Will she ever be able to love? Forgive? Learn who she truly is?

Contains content not suitable for children under 13. Trigger warning.

If this was a movie, it would probably have an overall PG13 rating. It touches on a lot of topics that are taboo or 'adult' in nature.

I don't want to feel as though I'm luring you into a dark alley to assault your mind, so here's the truth:

Some content may be intense or uncomfortable. It may trigger some personal issues you've buried. Might stretch your ideals, or awaken them. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

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