Somers Isle & Loveshade : Sun on the Rocks - The Bahamas Lotion

Sun on the Rocks - The Bahamas Lotion

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Arts & Entertainment , Humor

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banana humor, Pink Panther, Decameron, social parody, realistic Charlie's Angels

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Teleoperator Clarity Nice and her friends, librarian Lanai Thomson, lifeguard Taimi Kendrick, ethnographer Flower Parkwood, Australian surfer Jenna Likeway, and the well-to-do Malibu resident and cheerleader Cynthia Stevenson, attend a gala for beauty lotion 'Elony' in Nassau, Bahamas, at a Disco named Neria B, where they are arrested by International Sensual Brigade Officer Alven Donway, for being accomplices of a large scale abduction raid on affluent women, being carried out through 'Elony' by an unscrupulous, good looking, wealthy business woman, named Cassandra Scafarel, a high ranking associate of Cayman Island´s Lofty Bank owner, Buddha Talk.

To avoid jail for her and her friends, Clarity strikes a deal with Donway to seek the perpetrator of the beauty lotion fraud and agrees to find evidence for Donway of the fraud, by following sex goddess Penelope Avalon, the 'Elony' beauty lotion spokesperson and one of the few people who knows the location of Scafarel´s pleasure palace resort for women, Neria A, somewhere in the Bahamas.

Editorial Reviews


ch. 1 - Wow, here we go again. Great start of
a new adventure. R

ch. 6 - This whole story is hilarious.

ch. 13 - "She stole this egg, she stole
it from the temple of Wat Phodaram, Wat Pho, the temple of the reclining,
glistening, mother of pearl Buddha, in Thailand, where the statues watch and
protect ecstasy, and the subtle channels open your wisdom to the quiet mind and
show you how the body works. " This is a hoot!

ch. 4 - "The truck, an Isuzu FTR 800
class 2 pumper imported from the Fire and Rescue Agency of New South Wales in
Wagga Wagga, Australia, was beaming a blue siren, approaching the limo at high
speed. Stretching above Lanai, Taimi and Cynthia were struggling atop the truck with Jenna, who
was surfing the air, holding balance by grabbing the ladder." What
fabulous detail-I can create a perfect image in my mind.

Rosebud-I'm pretty sure I know what THAT
reference is.

ch 12 - "Avalon was wearing an extra
small ivory color Isabella thong by Myla, made of dusk silk satin, Elastene,
and cotton gusset lining." You have a way with detail! I had to look up
the thong. Boy, they are expensive!

ch 12 - "That´s how I fooled the Sex
Brigade at Neria B." Immediately a Bowie song popped
into my head: "Ground control to Sex Brigade, your circuits dead, there's
something wrong." I think those lyrics are better than the original.

ch. 12 - what a supremely odd universe i have
landed in. you must thank keiko alvarez, another universe-in-herself, for the
prompt to come around. i dunno what to make of this place yet, but it sure
seems amorphously enticing, offering magical new technology and a supremely
erotic atmosphere wherein breasts are softly offered to the table! and this: "It
depends on what you view as sex," indeed.

ch. 12 - "It´s simple, we disagree over
the definition of pleasure," said Avalon, "over the meaning of it in
fact. But we want to take over that resort." Ah, yes! You go girls! BTW, you have subtly painted quite a scene
involving naked women. Very subtle, but very descriptive as well.

ch. 11 - OMG-I am so far behind! Forgive me.
I will catch up! "Elony´s not approved by the FDA, Lanai."" I love this.
What kind of fun stuff IS approved by the FDA?

ch. 9 - "The girl named Lanai has been sent to study
the book of Decadence in more detail with other scribes." Can I borrow
that book? This is a great story.

ch. 8 - "I love the service here,"
said Lanai. That's an understatement!

ch.2 - I'm pretty sure I know what the lotion
is! Can't wait to find out.

ch. 5 - "Have you been thinking of
tupperware sex lately?" I'm quite sure I've never heard that expression

ch. 6 - "Some type of hedonist resort,
there shouldn´t be that many in the Bahamas"
This whole story is hilarious, but this statement is the most hilarious of them
all. I HAVE been to the Bahamas, you know, mostly out islands where anything goes!

ch. 7 - "Men are only in charge of
security here, their presence is accessory." I like to accessorize!

ch. 16 - "She cherished that
exhibitionist tendency which was part of her, part of her strength as an adult."
Ah yes!

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