Somers Isle & Loveshade : Sun on the Rocks - Shabby Sheik Infographic

Sun on the Rocks - Shabby Sheik Infographic

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banana humor, Pink Panther, Decameron, social parody, realistic Charlie's Angels

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Infographic for the Shabby Sheik amusement of sun on the rocks. The amusement of the new presidency.

Watched by a ceiling camera inside a Macao casino, Clarity Nice joins videographer Plum Bailey, boarding Heir Force One, the plane of Sheik Hari Al-Najib, after offering to him a ring that points to an ancient sorority. Rejected by his family, known as the dumbest loss-making machine of the Emirates, Hari seeks the help of Clarity to sort his love life and make his first dollar on his own.

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