Somers Isle & Loveshade : Sun on the Rocks - Anthology vol 1

Sun on the Rocks - Anthology vol 1

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Humor, Mysteries & Thrillers

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banana humor, Pink Panther, Decameron, social parody, realistic Charlie's Angels

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680 pages

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About the Book    About the Author

sun on the rocks is a breezy, banana humor read, specializing in the trivial pursuit. The amusements follow a group of women over twenty one years of age, as they seek to become a non competitive synchronised swimming group, Sun on the Rocks, led by the incombustible Stevenson Garden Products (SGP) teleoperator Clarity Nice, a woman of resourceful intuition, and acute observer of the laws of human mischief.

This anthology covers the first nine amusements of sun on the rocks fiction. The backstories and characters are not a bad place to start, they provide a summary of the main characters in the amusements, and how they relate between them. With the backstories, you don't have to read the amusements in order. The official order of the amusements is:

1. The malibu case.

2. The acapulco cocktail.

3. The cayman air banner.

4. The bahamas lotion.

5. The adult channel.

6. The OOL broderie.

7. The bellagio wikileak.

8. The cuban renegade.

9. The sugar baby.

Editorial Reviews

I started posting Sun on the Rocks episodes on two blogsite communities, open salon and our salon, with the pen name workstudio.

Their support led me to find
noisetrade and add the covers to the amusements. I´ve clocked 500.000 words of
fiction and publish with the pen name Somers Isle & Loveshade on
noisetrade. Sun on the Rocks Banana fiction amusements are trivial, tropical
and easy to peel, all characters are over 21 years of age. Here below are some
comments on the first episode, titled the Malibu Case.


(R and R+
stand for rated, or liked)

ch.14: Frisky, light-hearted, and delightful! Consistently! R+.

ch.3: This is so clever. Everything is "normal" except the central dilemma of
(gasp) optional nudity. With nonchalant humor you are making an individual
rights argument out of this.These are unique characters who are "over the
horizon" in leading the California trend. R.

ch.13: Fun read. That package and who got it will bring me back. R.

ch.12: I want to see the video version of this story! What a romp.

ch.12: Quite a revealing case. Quick and playful, this story scampers right up to the
edge of decency and then sticks its tongue out.

ch.12: This plot has the sexiest curves.

ch.1: This is deceptively breezy and fun. I did not expect THIS! Good show! R.

ch.15: Hurray! The girls won and we are all the beneficiaries of their determination.
I hope that we will have further adventures about the floating spa and that the
long arm of the law can't reach them in inter national waters. R.

ch.15: Sorry I've been away and missed the last few installments. I'm glad to see the
girls came out of this in stellar fashion. It was a fun read, and I'm looking
forward to the south of the border installments. R.

ch.15: Sweet, sweet, sweet. And I think you may have set-up the next Episode in the
series! Hmmm. I just noticed that others feel the same. Good! R+.



ch.1: Hurray! A new adventure. Reading each installment is like a mini-vacation....with
beautiful aquanauts thrown in for good measure. R

ch.2: Cocktails, sun....I'm hooked. R

ch.4: Even a fish would not get caught if it kept its mouth shut! lol
ch.4: Looks as if the girls should start learning some Spanish. I hope they
are not going loco down in Acapulco! R

ch.4: Do they have cable in Mexican jail?

ch.4: I knew it, I knew it. The girls cannot stay out of trouble. Could a Mexican
prison be next? This is a lot of fun. R

ch.4: Hey I want that job! It sounds like something I could do from home, while relaxing in
my Lazy-Boy recliner. You have me thirsty for the next chapter. Sorry I'm late,
but I was having a cold one out by the pool. R
ch.6: another great read.........supertaster?......gotta hear more.....R

ch.5: well done again...R

ch.6: Effortless intrigue! You put me right there. Nancy Drew for the 21st century? R+

ch.7: This is such a breezy web, I can't believe the weight of mystery you are able to
hold! R

ch.5: I swallowed this like a shooter. It is a strong story, and I'll say it like
always: could easily be a script! R
ch.4: Yeah! You are raising the voltage nicely with this one. I didn't see the "safe" coming! R+

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