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Guitar Face

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My story is not one for the faint of hearts. It's beautifully gritty, and heartbreakingly tragic. I was born into the world of rock-n-roll, a mere girl who only wanted to have her very own guitar face. Somewhere in between all the amps, cords, and guitars I found my place. I was born to make music and bring the masses to their knees... until, I wasn't anymore. Until the thought of doing all of this without him made me sick to my stomach. I thought I could escape rock-n-roll, but I can't. My brother is a rock star and all the friends we have are connected to this business one way or another. I have a feeling I'll get sucked back in, but I'm scared I won't survive it. Perhaps I have a better chance at surviving rock-n-roll than I do Jagger Carlyle. Jag is my brother's best friend, and fellow vocalist and guitarist for their band Broken Access. I've loved him since I was a girl, but this industry and my own fear of rejection kept me from acting on it all these years. When the sparks start to ignite and the world attempts to keep us apart, I wonder if love is enough. My story will bring you to tears from both sadness... and Kip. Kip is an idiot, plain and simple, but he's my best friend. He has a habit of waking me up with trashy Euro porn, and always knows the most inappropriate things to say. He's a drummer by night, and my partner-in-crime by day. I should've fallen in love with him, but he never shuts his f**cking mouth. He's always my rock, and when Jagger rips me in two, Kip is the one at my side. If you are looking for a story of redemption with comic relief and a heavy sexual mind, you've found it. If you are offended by hot, tattooed rock stars who are vulgar then this is not the book for you. Please be warned, this book is not for anyone below the age of 18. The book contains sex, death, violence, and harsh language. This is the first book in the series and can be read as a standalone novel.

Editorial Reviews

I'll admit my first thought was confusion at the title but after beginning to read, I fully understood what it meant. Now on to the story- I love a good love story and who doesn't love Nicholas Sparks? But really those books are pretty sappy and nobody is that romantic all of the time. I love how this book was more realistic when it came to the struggles of starting a relationship. Then there's the XXX scenes- Don't let your teenager read this! -way more realistic than 50 shades but just as graphic so think The Notebook meets 50 shades....Good Read!I could NOT put it down! Seriously, I downloaded the book and began it at bedtime. I stayed up until I couldn't hold my eyes open any longer to read because I had to know what would happen next. The next day we left for a camping trip at the lake. I took along my Kindle and sat right in a chair and read while everyone else was setting up, cooking, and going out on the water. I did look up from the Kindle to apologize for being anti-social, but I continued to read! I definitely became emotionally involved with Henley's life and I was horribly upset with the cliff-hanger ending. That was as bad as the end of Catching Fire....What next? What do I do until book 2 comes out?

THIS WAS CRAZY GOOD!!! I wasn’t sure how to start off with this review because it was so good that I wanted to catch anyone who liked rock romance books and had a chance to read this, to do so. This is the first time I read this author and I can only hope that she will put out more rock romance series.This book had me all over the place with emotions and believe me Ms. Marshall took you there to the max. I will start out on the lighter side; when I look for a rock romance book I wouldn’t necessarily be drawn to it if someone said it had humor. I’m sure changing that opinion now after reading this book. It not only made me smile but had me outright laughing on some of the dialogue. This humor was throughout the book and wasn’t just some little snippet.Another aspect of the book that I liked was how she brought in the real life rock bands and famous people and did so in a way that didn’t seem just like name-dropping. By the way I really like Seether too so that made this all the more fun for me.Now for the harder part…there were some terribly gut wrenching parts in this book that I don’t think I will forget anytime soon. Again, whether you like it or not you can feel the emotions of Henley when she has to deal with her best friend and their accident. I have to say that I actually had tears running down my face at some of this. Ms. Marshall had Henley dealing with this for quite some time and it made it seem more real because we know that when something like this happens in real life you don’t get “over it” within 1 or 2 chapters time.And for those of you who like a little “spice” with your rock romance books, Ms. Marshall sure delivered on that aspect also. I would love to meet Jagger myself. The relationship of Henley and Jagger was one that had you rooting for them and would make you wonder what you would do if in Henley’s situation. I also loved the relationship of Henley and Koi and with Kip’s sense of humor you grew to love these people.Ms. Marshall would be someone I definitely would want to hang out with because if she can write with this sense of humor I can only imagine what she is like in real life! Now I’m off to read the second book in this series because I have to find out what that phone call was about!!

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