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Sasha is an indie author who loves to write romance novels with an edge. She appreciates bad boys with tattoos and lickable bodies. I mean, what woman doesn't? She has a degree in history and thought about joining the U.S. Marshal Service when she graduated, but she chose to work with troubled youth instead. Shooting people wasn't really appealing, there's a lot of paperwork to fill out. She loves animals and secretly prefers them to most humans... or not so secretly because it's on the website now so it's out there. She traveled with well-known rock acts as a photographer during her undergraduate work and wants to clarify that she was not a groupie. Groupies wait in the wings hoping to get a night with one of the guys, she was a rock princess. She traveled right along with the guys hopping from tour bus, to plane, to hotel, to venue.

Sasha settled down and married Dane, who's her favorite idiot in the world. He is a true partner-in-crime, and sometimes their dialogue appears in her books. They both have a lot of Kip in them. Dane is a musician and Sasha loves to fan girl on him, so I guess she's now his groupie. And, yes ladies he's covered in tattoos. She known to gauge a man's attractiveness by the amount of tattoos he's sporting. She's currently attempting to talk Dane into recording some of the songs she wrote in the books, but her persuasion techniques are seriously lacking. You should drop Dane a line to encourage him. Cleavage shots work well with him, and she's giving you permission to fan girl him if it gets the job done. She reads a lot and has lots of favorite authors, but tends to stick to indie books. She's a nocturnal ninja, and frequently throat chops Dane when he snores. What? She's a light sleeper and his snoring messes with her beauty sleep. This is entirely his fault, her martial art skills in a king sized bed are obviously a reaction to his action. Sasha has three dogs who think she is their own personal human. She spoils them a little. Her American Bulldog is deaf and marches to the beat of his own drum. He's part goat and part monster, eating inedible items such as bricks and destroying things when Sasha ignores him. He is particularly fascinated with her socks and shoes. She frequently addresses him as "asshole" when he does these things. She also has a Miniature Schnauzer who has amazing old man eyebrows and a magnificent beard. He recently began fantasizing about being a troll as he likes to hide under the house from the American Bulldog who aggravates the ever living shit out of him. Last but not least is the Black Lab who lounges on the front porch snoring as she writes, brings her his tennis ball when it is time to fulfill her humanly duties, and flirts with the cows that live on the farm. He's a real ladies man and has a tendency to be attracted to heifers. Bahahaha She's currently finishing book three in the Guitar Face series, Walking Back to Georgia. The book took an unexpected turn for many characters, but she is merely a vessel for the sex, literature, and romance gods. They tend to take over her mind, and even body at times, so crazy shit ends up in Microsoft Word. Sasha & Dane live in Georgia on a cattle farm and love the peace and quiet. There's usually music playing in the background of their home. Their musical tastes are quite eclectic but Sasha prefers rock, blues, and New Orleans jazz. Bands that you'll hear in the Marshall household are Theory of a Deadman, Five Finger Death Punch, Seether, Tool, Muddy Waters, Etta James, BB King, Buddy Guy, The Allman Brothers Band, Butch Walker, and Johnny Cash. You'll often find them hanging out with friends (beer in hand), many of who are in the books. Yes, these people really exist in their lives. They enjoy watching television from time-to-time with their tastes ranging from Shameless to The Walking Dead to Scandal to Sons of Anarchy (tattoos, bad boys, and Harley's make Sasha hot). They also enjoy shooting their many weapons, which they have collected in preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse. Sasha is a better shot than Dane, this fact must be stated. Sasha's dreams are to be a full-time author because working for the metaphorical man blows. Her dreams also involve getting Kurt Sutter to read her books and making a kick ass television show about them. Who else is there? Once the television show pays her major loot, she'll retire from her day job and write from home. Well, she'll probably stalk the hot actors that play her characters, too, but that's to be expected. Fo' sho. She loves to hear from her readers, it makes her all giddy. Making Sasha giddy makes her feel like a literary goddess and helps her write better, so by all means shoot her an email by either using the contact page or emailing her directly at