Sigmund Brouwer : Out of The Shadows

Out of The Shadows

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Craig Johnson, Dick Francis, Francine Rivers

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In a riveting tale of intrigue and deceit set against the contemporary backdrop of wealthy Charleston, Nicholas Barrett is abandoned by the women he loves the most: first by his mother, who deserts him as a child, and later by his wife of only four days. Crippled in an accident that costs him everything he holds dear, Nick returns from global wanderings years later determined to discover the shattering truth about his past and to extract revenge.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly: ". . .strong themes about toxic family secrets and the power of forgiveness frame the plot, and Brouwer's vivid imagery is fresh and engaging. The characters' clipped, almost courtly dialogue occasionally flirts with stiffness, but fans of Brouwer's writing will find this comfortingly familiar. He sprinkles his story with just enough startling revelations to propel the reader on to the next page without giving too much away . . the unexpected plot twists and a strong finish will please his fans, who will find it difficult to put this novel down.

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