Shepherd Hoodwin : Embracing What Is: Spiritual Keys to Happiness

Embracing What Is: Spiritual Keys to Happiness

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Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement

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Eckhart Tolle, Jane Roberts, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Louise Hay

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28 pages


Summerjoy Press

Publication Date

September 9, 2015



About the Book    About the Author

Happiness is too important to leave to chance or circumstance. Some people seem to come by happiness easily. Either they have a naturally sunny disposition, and/or their life has had relatively few bumps in the road. However, happiness is partly a skill, and we can all improve our happiness chops with practice, as well as by cultivating perspectives that foster it. This book is an exploration of some key understandings that foster happiness, particularly about how to not only accept but actually embrace life as it is, at the same time as we work to transform it through higher consciousness. This book is an abridged version of "Happiness and the Michael Teachings."

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