Shelley Admont : I Love to Sleep in My Own Bed

I Love to Sleep in My Own Bed

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Children & Teens, Parenting

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This fun children's book follows the story of cute little bunny, Jimmy. He lives with his family in a small, nice house in the forest. The problem is that Jimmy doesn’t want to sleep in his own bed. Every night he sneaks quietly into his parents’ room and falls asleep in their bed. Until one night something unexpected happened ….

Editorial Reviews

"I Love To Sleep In My Own Bed by Shelley Admont is the delightful story of Jimmy the little bunny who lives in a nice house in the forest with his mom, dad and two older brothers. Jimmy does not like to sleep alone in his bed at night. So at night he goes to his parents' room and sleeps with them. And his brothers follow him until one fateful day when the bed broke. The family goes to the forest to cut wood and they make a strong new bed. The children also make new beds and they paint them in their favorite colors. Jimmy decorates his bed with beautiful stars and he falls in love with his bed. Will he start sleeping in his own bed from that day onward?

The book has a good story line and the illustrations add color and movement to the plot and the characters. It makes a good bedtime story and teaches toddlers and kids to sleep in their own beds and also enjoy doing it. It is an easy read and can be understood easily by any child. Many children can identify with Jimmy's story when they read this book. The ending is cute and cheerful. It is a great story book for kids who find it difficult to adjust to new things as they are growing up. The author has written a wonderful tale that will assist children to stop sleeping with their parents and sleep in their own beds." -Readers' Favorite

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