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Spiritual Mystery, Frank Peretti, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Dean Kontz

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About the Author

Sheldon hails from Gary, Indiana the

home town of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, and yes he’s met Michael Jackson (in his dreams). Sheldon currently lives in San Diego, California via Honolulu, Hawaii via Norfolk, Virginia via Jacksonville, Florida via Great Lake, Illinois via Gary, Indiana where he first signed up to perform 24 years of service in the United State Navy.

He has written more than five books, two are in print and are currently being reworked and edited for e-publishing by the author. He intends to convert his writings into screen plays for film and television. Sheldon considers his writing to be free from the tight restraints of the ‘genre’ but admits to writing books based on what he calls ‘Spiritual Mystery.’

He is founder and CEO of Woodson World Productions, a company started to bring his work and other independent writers creations to publication and to the big or small screen.