Shauna Letellier : Remembering Holy Week: Five Remarkable Stories of Unremarkable People

Remembering Holy Week: Five Remarkable Stories of Unremarkable People

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Through five daily readings, Remembering Holy Week takes an imaginative look at five unremarkable people who honored Christ during his last days on Earth. They’ve been called many things—common, wasteful, outcast, overbearing, criminal—but they’ve never been called heroes. They were people who honored Christ in remarkable ways.

Remembering Holy Week drapes the fabric of fiction over the framework of Scripture. Each reading includes a fictional retelling of a Bible moment, a devotional reflection, and a prayer. As you prepare your heart for Easter, you will discover that no matter how you honor Christ, it is never too insignificant, too messy, or too late.

Editorial Reviews

  • Remembering Holy Week is a fun, fresh twist on familiar stories. It allows you to see the the story of Holy Week from a new perspective and prepare your heart for the coming of the Easter. ~ Alana Dawson, author of She Says, He Says, a devotional challenging the lie we speak to ourselves with his truth, and writer at

  • <... will never read about the Holy Week with the same dull imagination I limited myself to. The Spirit played out each scene in my mind in a way I have not experienced before. The author is not only gifted, talented and creative, but the anointing on her work has certainly expanded my understanding and appreciation for what Jesus did, and who God used to orchestrate it. The message is forever planted in my soul. ~ Deb
  • I saw myself in the events of Holy Week and realized anew I, too, was on Jesus' mind and the reason He went to the cross. My ordinary life is important to Him also. ~ Carolina
  • Shauna's words are beautifully written as she examines the Easter story in a way we don't normally look at it. The way she intertwines the Word of God with her devotional reflections and helps us see a well-known story in a new light. Shauna shows us the people of the Bible experienced the same emotions and thoughts we do today. This reminds us that the Bible, though written thousands of years ago, is still alive and full of new lessons to learn. ~ Tana
  • I needed to be reminded that even though we don’t feel worthy to Honor Him, He is always accepting of whatever gifts we have to offer. I enjoyed reading. ~ Penny
  • Thank you for adding to my devotional time this Holy Week. I love your attention to detail when telling these stories. ~Mary
  • I love that feeling when the old, familiar becomes new and exciting. I love how God’s Word hits you in a different spot continually throughout life. ~ Shelli
  • I read these to my boys for morning devotions. Can you please compile these Easter stories into a book? I would buy a box full!! ~ Pearl

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