Shauna Letellier : A Remarkable Advent: Stories of the Ordinary People God Chose to Fulfill His Extraordinary Plan

A Remarkable Advent: Stories of the Ordinary People God Chose to Fulfill His Extraordinary Plan

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A Remarkable Advent: Stories of the Ordinary People God Chose to Fulfill His Extraordinary Plan is an Advent devotional.

Through 25 daily readings, Shauna Letellier has draped the fabric of fiction over the framework of Scripture. Each reading includes a scripture, a devotional highlighting someone from the Christmas story, and a prayer. If we slow down for a close look we might see Mary readjusting the knot on her belted waist. We might see Joseph wiping tears as he wrestles with what seems to be terrible nightmare.

And we will see it has always been God’s plan to use ordinary people in unfavorable circumstances to fulfill his extraordinary plan.

Editorial Reviews

Readers are saying...

"My thoughts while reading this beautifully written retelling of the Advent events: If God is working on Elizabeth’s story to bring her His love out of her human feelings of disappointments and doubt, He is certainly working on mine too. If God allows Mary, the mother of his son, to feel shame and loneliness, He values me and my human brokenness too.

I cherish Shauna’s words revisiting the faithful yet very human people and stories so important to God’s plan for sending his Son to earth. They will set your heart once again on Christ, not just Christmas." ~Tami

"We have all heard the Christmas story time and again. Yet this book caused me to carefully contemplate the details leading up to the birth of a baby that would forever change the world! God whispered to my heart through His word how much He loved me and is in every detail and circumstance of my life, drawing me ever nearer to my Savior." ~ LeAnn

"I was so blessed to be able to drown out the secular trappings of Christmas and tune in to A Remarkable Advent. She made the characters of the Christmas story come alive in a fresh, vibrant way with application to life here and now." ~ Ginny

"I loved A Remarkable Advent! Shauna’s retelling of the Christmas story puts everyday flesh on the biblical characters and makes them easy to relate to." ~ Pearl

"This book ‘humanized’ the stories of Christmas for me and fostered thoughtful consideration of the people who lived out such miraculous events in the mundane normality of everyday life. I was easily transported to that Biblical world and imagined myself being an observer and friend at that time.

As I related those ancient events to my life today, it helped me understand and appreciate the miracles that abound all throughout the Christmas story. Those miraculous events happened to and were lived out by very normal people, a true testament to God’s incredible love for them and us." ~ Kathie

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