Sharon Drane : Trust Your Heart

Trust Your Heart

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History, Romance

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Regency/Historical Romance, Julie Garwood, Loretta Chase, Grace Burrowes, Courtney Milan

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103 Pages




Salt Run Publishing LLC

Publication Date

Jan. 01, 2015



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Amelia St. John and Joshua Hawthorne fell in love at first sight. Separated by circumstance rather than ideology, they found themselves on opposite sides during the bitter Civil War. Amelia, persuaded Joshua no longer loved her, married another man.

Each struggled with their own private war. Joshua fought with the Union Army, surviving its bloodiest conflicts, while Amelia fought her war deep in the Confederacy. She battled starvation, sickness, and the death of her husband as she struggled to provide for her young son.

Throughout it all, Joshua carried a miniature portrait of his beloved Amelia, hoping one day to find her again and make her his. She, in turn, never forgot the dashing soldier who'd stolen her heart at the age of sixteen.

When the war ended, Joshua found Amelia, but the sweet first love they both remembered was gone. The carefree girl Joshua had fallen in love with was now a disillusioned, wounded soul, and a fiercely protective mother. The only male in her life she would ever allow herself to love was her son.

Could Joshua earn back Amelia's trust? Love is always full of possibilities.

Share this journey with the American branch of the St. John family.

Editorial Reviews

A well told story, I enjoyed the progression of Amelia's character. ~hrhsophia

Awesome book!!!!! totally loved the story, characters, everything!!! ~nanetteraebrumfield

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