Shad Callister : Machines of Eden

Machines of Eden

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PARADISE GONE WRONG. Awakening on the beach of a tropical island, a combat hacker finds himself at the center of a plot to turn Earth into a new Eden where humanity has no place. Caught between an advanced A.I. and her sadistic physical counterpart, and with the clock ticking toward an apocalypse, only one thing is clear: they picked the wrong man to push around.

"Outstanding fast-paced novel... you will not be disappointed!" -- J. Jaques

"Extremely well written, with a lot of action going on but also a lot to make you think... Mr. Callister has envisioned a world that is most likely going to occur in some manner here in the near future." -- C. Plemmons

Machines of Eden gives a terrifying look at the near future of technological warfare and global catastrophe. With the pacing of a techno-thriller and the gripping action of military sci-fi, this novel will change the way you envision war, technology, and mankind's place in the world.

Detailed description:

When he first awakens on the beach of a lonely tropical island, Sergeant John Fletcher has no idea what he's in for. He’s a battlefield hacker, a veteran of the Green Wars that pitted the exploiters against the exploited and nearly tore the Earth apart. He’s out of his depth in the jungle, preferring wires and circuits to leaves and mud. Then armed sentry bots lock onto him and he’s thrust right back into territory that’s all too familiar. The island’s mysterious inhabitants don't seem to care that the wars ended.

Making his way to the heart of a hidden jungle facility, John is confronted by an immense artificial intelligence and her ex-commando handler. An escalating game of cat and mouse leads John deeper and deeper into the secrets the island’s creator left behind. It’s not as easy as blowing things up and escaping, however.

There are things on this island that must not be allowed to get off it.

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