S.E. Zbasnik : Dwarves in Space

Dwarves in Space

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Humor, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, J.R.R. Tolkien

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Thousands of years after the jewelry's destroyed, the sword reforged, the dragon ridden, and the indecipherable prophecy translated into a recipe for sugared biscuits, the dwarves turned to that final frontier: space. And along came the elves, orcs, gnomes, trolls, ogres, and those vermin-like upstarts, humans.

Dwarves in Space is Tolkien merged with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in a horrific transporter accident.

The Elation-Cru is not the flashiest ship, nor the newest, or even has all of its bolts attached; but she can fly. Well, sort of wade through space, and that's when all the parts are working. She supports a sugar addicted dwarven pilot, an elven engineer, an orcish doctor, a silent djinn, and the lone human trying to hold the entire thing together with duct tape. Variel, the captain, has been hiding from a secret for the past five years and time's finally run out.

When she goes against her common sense and fights to save her onboard assassin/renter from a job gone sour, she finds herself before an ex-colleague that knew her in her previous life as the Knight of the realm. The entire ship is sent on a mad dash across the universe -- from a decaying space station, home to the wackiest species the galaxy has to offer, down to the Orc homeworld, which wouldn't be so bad if Variel hadn't spent most of her previous life fighting in the war against them. Chances of survival are nil and slipping fast.

Editorial Reviews

Mandary Reads:"There wasn't a single
character on the Elation Cru that I couldn't imagine myself hanging out
with...[T]he author somehow manages to make things like pulling wires or
hitting buttons on a console seem intense. It's great.

You should absolutely pre-order this book. You should read it, hopefully
enjoy it, and do a little dance that this is a sci-fi book that doesn't
rely on technobabble or each member of an alien species all being the
same in order to make its point."

Margy's Musings

"Dwarves in Space" is brilliant. The characters are well rounded,
interesting, and individualistic enough that it is easy to develop
favourites. It's on to a rollercoaster ride of spills, thrills, chills and the occasional outbreak of lunacy."

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