Seth Kushner : The Roman Nose

The Roman Nose

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Darwyn Cooke, Paul Dini, Brian K. Vaughan, Josh Fialkov, Brian Michael Bendis

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The corrupt and cruel have made Rome a city only for the rich.

Michelangelo Tornatore, a freedom fighter better known as The Roman Nose, aims to change all that.

Hold on to your seat as he and his friends tear through the futuristic streets of Rome with trouble at their heels, fighting to bring power back to the people!

Editorial Reviews

"... a madcap stylish adventure comic..." - Bleeding Cool

"The book’s ideas and absurdity and sarcastic self-commentary and fully-realized, plausible wonderland of future marvels and ancient grandeur and generous 40-page premier make it one of the most enjoyable comics now available; your own only-human nose will still be unmistakably able to detect a breath of fresh air." - Comic Critique

"The Roman Nose #1 has been in development for over a year, and the end result is a great beginning for the series. Michelangelo seems to be a fun character, and his lack of super powers or gifts beyond a big nose make him more relatable. The addition of entertaining side characters, a futuristic setting, and killer mob robots (complete with fedoras!) just makes the comic that much better.

The Roman Nose #1 is a new comic worth picking up, especially if you love clean art and interesting stories."- We the Nerdy

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