Serenity K Moon : Eternally Human: Blood that Binds

Eternally Human: Blood that Binds

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Anne Rice, Norah Roberts, Nicholas Sparks

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Life as a human… the 1300’s was pretty great. Well, at least for me it was. My family seemed ahead of the times. They didn’t conform to the social norms. They appreciated my intelligence and my dreams. They didn’t just see me as a pawn to acquire more land or money. And, as the usual age for girls like me to be married off to a suitable suitor came and went. My family let it slide, never forcing me into anything and accepting that rumors would spread around town. I’m glad they were like this, as honestly, I’d never seen myself as a girl who’d marry. It just seemed so… tame. Well, I’d never seen myself that way until I met Antarus… Tall with intense stormy blue eyes and a smirk that told of a dark secret, Antarus awoke within me feelings I’d never experienced before. And, as my eighteenth birthday rolled around my future lay firmly in the never-aging hands of Antarus…. Was I to be eternally human?

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