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Ever Since I was a Child....

..I have been writing. Whether it was short stories, taking essays in school beyond the page requirement, or the start of a novel, I've always been writing. I never was able to really find my niche, that place I fell into in life that I really excelled at. I did everything from photography, graphic design, website designing and still I was unhappy. That was until I pulled open a file of an old book I had been working on before, and sadly had let slip through my fingertips. Reading it I began to edit, I began to think and come up with more and more ideas and soon I was writing at full speed. While that book is still not finished, I knew that what I wanted to be forever was an author. So, at 22 years old I decided to finally take the leap of a lifetime and pursue my writing career. Blessed with the chance of a lifetime, I found a publisher who has been willing to work with me and get me out there and so, here on this simple website we all can watch my career unfold.

Fun Facts About Serenity

  • My first name is in fact NOT Serenity, but I go by Seren.
  • I am 22 years old, and live in the hill country of Texas.
  • I LOVE sweet tea, chai tea, and Starbucks Caramel Fraps.
  • I am horribly picky about eggs, they must be cooked a certain way or I won't eat them.
  • I live off of chicken nuggets, fruit and pasta.
  • I LOVE juice - apple, grape, white grape peach.
  • I am a massive romantic at heart.
  • I am very active in the roleplay community.