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Delightfully Difficult 2

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Delightfully Difficult 2: Coloring to relax or just to have some fun has, in recent years become an exceptionally popular pastime and this collection of 25 unique coloring designs is ideal for you for you to sit down and have fun with. Thousands of adults all over the world are rediscovering the pleasures of coloring black and white patterns just like the ones in this book. Unlike children's coloring books this artwork is made up of intricate designs that are specifically intended to take longer to complete, so you can totally immerse yourself in the pleasure of seeing your coloring efforts gradually emerging from the page.

Did you know a good coloring session can relieve stress and anxiety? Coloring is relaxing; a gentle pastime that will help you free your mind and calm you like few other things can. When you color your mind and body perform in a more unified way. Your mind becomes relaxed and even your blood pressure may go down.

Who knows, coloring may just become your favorite hobby again (if it hasn't already)!

I hope you enjoy coloring this book as much as I did making the patterns.

Delightfully Difficult 2 gives you the opportunity to color 25 incredibly detailed patterns. It’s great for children, wonderful for adults and superb for elderly people. You can photocopy your desired drawings to color them or just print off more copies.

Whatever you choose to do with them I sincerely hope you enjoy doing it.

Best wishes.

Séraphine Marie

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