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About the Author

S.D. O'Donnell was born in Louisiana, raised in New Mexico, and currently resides in the Denver, Colorado area, where the book Deadly Memories takes place. After years of working with words in the non-fiction arena as a freelance writer, technical writer, and multimedia producer(among other positions), S.D. decided to write a novel. The end result is Deadly Memories, the first of a four book series about Saul Becker and Jayne Doe. She is hard at work on the second novel, Deadly Bayou.

She knows she's done something unusual in writing from a male point of view but believes herself to be well-qualified. Her house is the gathering grounds for her former-Special Forces husband and his contingent of buddies (many of them former military, too). She gives them food and drink, all the while observing what she considers her private laboratory of male behavior.