Scott Skipper : A Death in Carolina

A Death in Carolina

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A brief fictionalized account of the murder of deputy sheriff Isaac W. Skipper in rural North Carolina on the Fourth of July in 1914 by a descendant of the family containing contemporary photographs and news clips.

Editorial Reviews

Scott Skipper's fictionalized account of a murder in the Old South is, in my opinion, a superb work.While the characters in such a short story are a bit difficult to keep track of, the setting, dialogue and characterization of each is authentic and eminently readable.That a white writer (which Scott Skipper is) can render Southern black dialogue from over a century ago as believable as Skipper did is, to my way of thinking, already an accomplishment. This story felt very much to me like some of the best of William Faulkner and Erskine Caldwell -- and that is high praise indeed!Although I'm afraid that most modern-day readers will not have the stomach for this kind of writing, I strongly encourage emerging (and even seasoned) writers to give this story a read.

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