Scott Schumaker : Henry's Big Star Adventure

Henry's Big Star Adventure

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Children & Teens, Fiction & Literature

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Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein, Lewis Carroll , Norton Juster, Lemony Snicket

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106 pages




Dark Canyon Stars Publishing



About the Book    About the Author

Henry didn't know that all of our hearts were full of stars. He didn't know that these stars could be lost until one shot out of his mouth and floated off into the night. Determined to get his stars back, despite the unknown dangers he might face, Henry starts his quest by crawling under his bed. Join him.

A modern-day ALICE IN WONDERLAND meets THE WIZARD OF OZ sprinkled with the spirits of Roald Dahl and Joseph Campbell, HENRY’S BIG STAR ADVENTURE is a story with heart, wisdom and spirit.

Editorial Reviews

“A very entertaining story...young kids will really enjoy it and it’s fun to read
to little ones.” –Book Room Reviews

“I absolutely love your book.” - Allison, grade school reader

“Scarlet and Ryder have begged every night to re-read this story.” –Tarryn Fisher,

“This book is for children and adults. I’m so much in love with this story.” 4.5
stars out of 5. – Mpur Chan

“I’m going to have to buy another copy of Henry’s Big Star Adventure since Zoey has
fallen asleep with it two nights in a row. It’s all bent up and loved on.” –Lori
Worley, author

"Five stars!" –Sara, grade school reader

“Even adults will love this book! This is a must read for all children!” – Laura
Smith, blogger

"I reviewed Henry's Big Star Adventure for my kids and it is hands-down the best
children's book I've read since I was a kid. What a fantastic adventure
story!" –Eight MPH Mom.

"From a parent’s perspective, I love this story because the imaginative journey it
brings you on is so absolutely awesome…The funny moments were the best of all
because the kids let out these huge laughs.” –The Crunchy Mom Next Door

"This book is amazing for all ages…Filled with honesty, compassion, kindness and
forgiveness. Finding good books with all of these great attributes can be
difficult at times but with out a doubt this is a MUST have for any at home
library." –Building Our Story

“I got it for my 5-year-old and he loves it!” –Jess Vogel

“The best book ever. Very funny and I liked the pictures too.” –Jack, grade school

“I had to drag Britton out the door because he did not want to stop reading to go
to school.” –Angela Glass

“My daughter is absolutely loving this book. She doesn't want to finish it because
then it will be all over.” –Nicole Karlson

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