Scott Bartlett : Finished with Life but Unable to Die

Finished with Life but Unable to Die

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Hugh Howey, Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley

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Forever starts today…

Michael Haynes is 91 and tired of a crumbling world. A cancer diagnosis makes him glad - he’s certain his death will improve things for his children. One medical miracle later, followed by a car accident that should have been fatal, and dying doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Michael’s learning something shocking about the universe, and the government wants in. Michael must contend not only with living forever but also with stopping his family from tearing itself apart.

Finished with Life is Book 1 in the Unable to Die dystopian science fiction series. If you like fast-paced fiction that tackles fascinating ideas in a new way, you’ll love this mind-bending series from a multi-award-winning author.

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