S. C. Abbey : Resurrection: A Harvey Nolan Thriller

Resurrection: A Harvey Nolan Thriller

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Lee Child, Dan Brown, Brad Thor, James Patterson, Vince Flynn

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Harvey Nolan is a Law student whose plans did not involve a messy gunshot and blood gushing day.

In a Harvard University clinical laboratory, Professor Bruce Golan, acclaimed medical researcher, tries yet another hopeless attempt in a failing experimentation. Little does he know that a wrong judgement call meant that a fatal fate awaits him in the shadows.

Enter the FBI. Agent Katie Moulin’s past crosses paths with her appointment where it all started, can she deal with it? Can Harvey and Katie reach the baneful assailant before the job is being finished in cold blood?

As Harvey and Katie crash through the academic city of Boston, entering a world where the race against time is one of an invisible uphill battle, they find themselves looking at the concept of justice very differently than what they expect.

RESURRECTION is a suspense thriller introductory novella of the Harvey Nolan thriller series, of approximately 20,000 words. It is set a couple of years before the events occurring in the following books, the first of which, MAXIMUS.

Editorial Reviews

"Fast-paced and relentlessly hard to put down." - Best Reads Reviews

"Abbey treads the line of the early detective fiction with modern elements and manages to balance between nostalgia and fresh." - Andy Warwick

"The scenes will keep readers intrigued long enough till there is no more." - Hachette Book Club

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