Savanna Redman : Butterfly Bones -Visions are the Voice of the Soul

Butterfly Bones -Visions are the Voice of the Soul

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Print Length

350 page novel (95 page sample)


ISBN 978-1-945517-04-4


Nereid Press

Publication Date

June 2016



About the Book    About the Author

Nothing’s permanent, you know?

Nothing’s really what it seems...

Amanda Wilde has built a satisfying life; married, a solid career as an investment adviser, owns a comfortable home with a backyard just big enough to throw a Frisbee. On the surface, she’s living the dream... With a single-minded focus on the nine-to-five, she’s managed to avoid the darkest shadows where the demons of a traumatic childhood lurk, where nightmares and premonitions of brutal and unstoppable events hide.

Hunted by the premonition of her own death, Amanda has pushed the thought out of her mind ... until on a routine morning run, the scent of honeysuckle blooming in the neighbor’s yard hits like a time stamp on the dream: the premonition can no longer be ignored.

Within a matter of days, a tsunami of tragic events turns everything upside down, causing the thin walls between reality and imagination to blur with sadistic twists. Amanda heads down a dangerous path, her mind dangling from a damaged thread, pulled between the dual reality of the day-world in the life she’s built, and the toothy night-world: forcing her to reevaluate everything as she fights to survive.

Drawing us in with vivid prose, Savanna Redman delivers a moving and thought-provoking account of a woman forced to take a deeper look at her life’s choices: questioning deeply held beliefs as she moves from denial and tragedy to fighting for survival.

Editorial Reviews

"Butterfly Bones is one of the most creative, evolved stories I've read in a long
time. The story brought up a lot of emotions for me personally,
actually, as I, too, feel as if I'm standing on a crossroads in life
where I'm questioning my choices and goals---just like Amanda. In the
story, she grapples with loyalties, love, longing, and loss. The writer
weaves an eloquent story that both enchants and challenges us to look at
our own lives. What would our younger self think of us now if we could

is more than a five star read. The characters are vivid and three
dimensional. The writing style is brilliant. The story is a mix of
emotionally complex women's fiction with quirky paranormal twists that
pushes this to another level of story-telling that is truly
extraordinary. I highly recommend it!" - moxie girl writing

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