Sarah O'Flaherty : Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life

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Do you wish life was a little easier? Discover the secrets to a simpler, more satisfying life. Is your life lacking purpose?

Are you often stressed and overwhelmed? If so, then it's time for a crash course in the skills that will lead to a more meaningful life. Let successful businesswoman, coach, and author Sarah O'Flaherty be your guide.

Developed from the integration of hundreds of books, a multitude of personal development training formats, and a twenty-year career motivating people, Sarah has created a simple, yet effective, four-part process that will provide you with the skills and confidence you'll need for a happier life. Each section is presented in a simple style, with tips and easy-to-adopt strategies that will teach you how to unlock your potential. And the best part is, you'll enjoy reading it!

Inside Simplify Your Life you'll discover:

* How to identify your values, strengths, and passions for greater self-awareness and increased life satisfaction.

* How to develop strong healthy relationships so you can benefit from your interactions.

* How to find your purpose or calling for a more meaningful life.

* How to un-complicate your life with some essential tools such as mindfulness.

* And much, much more!

Simplify Your Life is packed with straightforward, honest, and practical advice. If you enjoy easy reads that really add value to your life, then you'll love this book. Sarah takes you straight to the foundational aspects of life that, if you get right, will ensure a satisfying and meaningful life.

Unlock your true potential with Sarah's easy-to-follow guide today!

** Previously published as Finding Your Bliss.

Editorial Reviews

Thanks Sarah for this easy to read, inspiring book. It was easy to follow with practical examples/workbook activities which made it easy to start thinking about some of the suggestions and apply them in daily life. I enjoyed your laid back, funny style! We just get too caught up in our fast paced lives to stop and do some deep personal reflection. The suggestions you make are a great place to start for anyone wanted to make some changes to simplify their lives. Read this if you want to truly understand and follow some simple lifestyle changes which will make you feel more relaxed, in control and connected (with yourself, your community and your purpose).

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