Sarah Gai : Curve My Song

Curve My Song

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Humor, Romance

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clean romance, chick lit, Heather Wells, Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella

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Sarah Gai

Publication Date

May 2014



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Fall in love with this larger than life trio. Follow the Curvies as they stumble through life, romance, drama and some plus sized laughs. Sassy full figured Bree carson loves her life, her singing and her two curvy best friends, the chubby Skyla and the always feisty Elise. But still she feels something is missing. Taylor Cole returns to his home town after leaving a decade ago. When Bree and Taylor are thrust together, old sparks from the past reignite. But can Taylor break through the walls securely built around Bree's heart? Will Bree let him?

Book One in the series will you laugh out loud!

Editorial Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars!!!

By Ilsie Om Amazon, Ridiculously hilarious. Sweet. Heart-warming. A novella with the right ingredients - a hearty dose of laugh, angst, romance and self-discovery.I fell in love with this book. It sucked me in from the very beginning and kept me curiously turning pages till the very end. Loved the characters and connected with them instantly. Furthermore the chemistry between the leading romantic duo - Bree and Taylor was coming off the pages, it was an almost tangible thing. They were so sweet together and complimented each other perfectly. My heart fluttered alongside Bree's - yes Taylor is that dreamy!!! Moreover it's a big plus for me when a book promotes a healthy body image and make no mistake "Curve My Song" introduces you to a lovable and funny band of heroines, who fully accept and appreciate their womanly curves. YOU GO CURVIES !!! :)Also the music references were a fantastic addition, more than once I found myself pausing just so I can search and play the song that went with a particular scene.As for the plot I am a bit reluctant to reveal much of it, because I am afraid I might give away some spoilers, but the synopsis does an awesome job of presenting you with an overall idea of the book's content.Sarah Gai has done a fabulous job writing her debut novel. It was a fantastic read, deserving of my time!! Great introduction to the series.

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