Samuel Sattin : The Silent End - Excerpt

The Silent End - Excerpt

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526 pages




Ragnarok Publications

Publication Date

September 7, 2015



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In a mist-covered town in the Pacific Northwest three teenagers find themselves pitted against an unearthly menace that dwells beneath the foundations of their high school…

Eberstark is an outcast and he’s tired of pretending everything is fine. His mother disappeared almost a year ago after a long battle with depression. His father is conducting experiments and running around town in the middle of night with a mysterious man known only as The Hat, ranting to Eberstark about beasts no one else can see.

Then on Halloween night, Eberstark, alongside his only friends Lexi and Gus, discovers something in the woods to challenge his father’s apparent insanity: a wounded monster. Rather than stir the town into a frenzy, the three friends hide the creature and are pulled into a web of conspiracy, dream-logic, and death. Faced down by living trucks, mirror-dwelling psychopaths, and hellish entities who lurk behind friendly faces, Eberstark, Lexi, and Gus find themselves battling to save not just themselves, but the soul of their quiet little town.

Editorial Reviews

The Silent End is the book I desperately needed when I was sixteen; hilarious, subversive, and deeply weird. Sam Sattin is Lovecraft for the Snapchat set, an author who understands
that horror is nuance, friendship is technicolor, and there are few things more pleasurable than roaring down the highway in a living truck. Do not read this at night. Do not read this alone. But read it. Now.”—Sean Beaudoin, author of Wise Young Fool and The Infects

“Imagine if Halloween had been written by The Kids in The Hall instead of John Carpenter and you start to understand the wild, mesmerizing mash up that is The Silent End. Monsters and monstrous fathers, missing mothers and young love—somehow all of this and much more fits wonderfully into this book. It manages to be scary and sweet and very, very fine. Sam Sattin is a talent and this novel is a joy.”—Victor LaValle, author of The Devil in Silver and Big Machine

“I dreamed I climbed into a 1950s sci-fi rocket ship with Thomas Pynchon, Charles Dickens, H.P. Lovecraft, Jonathan Lethem, Rabelais, and the crew from Monty Python. The ship didn’t launch—we went nowhere—but by the time they let me out, my hair gone white and my face locked forever in a skeleton’s grin, I’d had so much fun and terror and
tragedy and delight
, I was ready for the booby hatch. You can’t dream my dream,
but you can get everything it gave me. All you’ve got to do is read Samuel
Sattin’s The Silent End.”—D. Foy, author of Made to Break

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